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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reading Quran before Making Judgment about Islam

To day the topic that I wanted to discuss is the importance of reading quran before making any decision or judgment about Islam People should not get influenced by public opinion rooming around them about any particular religion book person or and thing because many time it is can be the opposite of what reality is. Same holds true for people’s perception of Islam and Muslims, considering being a religion of terror or teaching and encouraging nothing, but ignorance and terrorism, which is definitely not the case.

Instead of taking opinion from any Muslim, for there are chances that he might favor his religion, one can find the truth about Islam by going through the document of Islam, i.e. the Holy Quran, which Allah claims strictly to be His Words?

“Indeed it is we who have sent down the Quran, and indeed it is us who shall preserve it.” (Al Quran Surah 15:9)

Therefore the best way to develop a judgment about the lord (Allah) and Islam is to learn quran and go through the verses of Quran for your self and evaluate it and get to know what its teachings of Islam and Koran. You would come to know that Islam is a religion of peace that promotes education and learning more than anything else.

Just have a look at a couple of verses from Holy Quran to see what it preaches

And He has subjected to you, as from Him, all that is in the heavens and on earth: behold in that are Signs indeed for those who reflect. (Quran 45: 13)

And one of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colors; most surely there are signs in this for the learned. (30:22)

Important note to learn and Read Quran online

The Holy Quran is the word of Allah; it has been sent down to guide us and the guidance can online be gained through reading quran online. No other book can be like holy quran. As you come to the learn tajweed quran, Allah speaks to you and reading Arabic Quran is to hear Him, even to converse with Him, and to walk in His ways. So it is must for us as a Muslim to learn and do quran memorization by heart and the Quran tutor should teach the kids from quran qaida and then teaching quran online along with the quran tafseer and let the kids memorize quran so that we as Muslim could learn quran tajweed rules and then understand the quran tafseer  It is the encounter of life with the Life-giver. 'God - there is no god but He, the Ever-living, the Self-subsisting (by whom all subsist)  He has sent down upon you the Book with the Truth ... as a guidance unto mankind ...' (Al 'Imran 3: 2-3 learn quran recitation). So we should always remember the guidance of Allah and we should be listening to quran online along with obeying the commandments of Allah so let us join hands to lean the Koran and let our kids do quran memorization and learn the teaching of quran education online and apply them in there life there is kids quran lesson available online as well

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