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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Believe in GOD Almighty

Brought faith in God
A person is considered not believe in Allah, so believe the following things:
First: We believe that only GOD Almighty His sole creator of this Mayapada, control, regulate, take care of everything in it, giving Rizki, power, make, turn off, turn on and those that bring benefits and madharat. He does all things according to His will, punished in accordance with his will, to glorify Him whom dikendaki and humiliate anyone who dikendaki him, his hands all the powers of the heavens and the earth, is powerful over all things, fullknowledge of all something, do not need anyone, for whom are all things, in His hand all that is good, no partner for Him, none can stop Him.
All the creatures nor angels, jinn, humans are His servants, all under the rule, statutes and His will, His deeds are incalculable and infinite. All these peculiarities are owned only by GOD Almighty, there is no ally for him, no one is entitled to have these properties other than Him, and should not be menisbatkan and assign one of these properties to anyone other than Him.
Allah says:

"O mankind, worship your Lord who created you and those before you so that you are devoted, hath made the earth a carpet for you and the sky as the roof and he lowered the water (rain) from the sky and He will produce the rain that all the plants as sustenance for you. "(QS.Al-Baqarah :21-22).
And in another verse:

"Say! O Lord who has the kingdom, You give the kingdom to the person who you want and you pull the kingdom of the person you want. You glorified people who you want and Engkua degrade those whom You will. You are all virtues in hand. Thou art Powerful over all things. "(Ali Imran: 26).
And Allah said:

"And there is no moving creature on earth but God who gives rezkinya and He knows where the beast dwells and where the saving. All written in a real (Lawh Mahfudz). "(QS.Hud: 6).
In another verse:

"Remember, to create and govern only the rights of God. Holy God Almighty Lord God of the universe. "(QS.Al-A 'raf: 54).
Second: We believe that only GOD Almighty only one who has names of the most sublime and the properties of the most perfect, part of which Allah has made clear, both in the Qur'an and the sunna of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam.
In the Qur'an Allah says:

"Only God's Asmaul Husna (the great names), seek Him with Asmaul Husna calls it, and leave those who deviate from the truth in calling him names. They'll get a response to what they have done. "(QS.Al-A" raf: 180).
And the Prophet alaihi wasallam said:

"Allah has ninety-nine names, whoever it calculated, it will go to Heaven and God is witir (odd) and loves the things that (amount) is odd." (Muttafaq alaih).
This belief is built on two basic elements:
1. Verily Allah has the names of the noble and majestic attributes more perfect, there's no shortage at all, and no single creature that resembles and menyukutui Him in these properties.
And among the names of God: Al-Hayyu (the Most of Life), God has the properties of Al-Hayat (life) that must be assigned to him in perfect and proper. Namely the perfect life, longer lasting, which is collected on his various kinds of perfection, such as knowledgeable, powerful, and others. His life there is no beginning and no sequel. GOD Almighty said:

"God there is no God (the right to be worshiped) but He is eternal life again continuing care (His creatures); not sleepy and did not sleep." (QS.Al-Baqarah: 255).
2. Verily GOD Almighty sacred absolute lack of any nature and the nature of disabilities, such as sleep, weak, stupid, dzalim and others, as He is most holy of all creatures resemble. Then we are obliged to deny everything that God has properties nafikan of himself and which is denied by Allah, and believe that God has the perfection of nature, the opposite of what has been denied him. For example: When we deny the sleepy nature of God means that we set for the perfection of his nature stand alone. Deny the nature of his bed for him entrenches the perfection of living nature. So we deny any one the nature of God, then we establish the perfection of his opponents for these properties. He is the most perfect, no flaws in him. Allah says:
"There is nothing like Him, and He is the Hearer, the Seer." (Obligatory upon Syuura: 11).
And His words:

"And your Lord is not at all-time persecuting His servants." (QS.Fushshilat: 46).
And His words:

"And there is nothing that can not weaken God either in heaven or on earth." (QS.Fathir 64).

"And your Lord is not forgotten" (QS.Maryam: 64).
Faithful with the names of God and His attributes and His actions are the most appropriate way for a servant to get to know GOD Almighty, it is because God is not apparent from visual creatures, so with his name and nature of Muslim worship the mighty One, that all things depend on Him, who do not have children, nor begotten, and none similar to Him.
Things that need to be considered in determining the names of God:
1. Believe with all of the names of God, whether contained in the Qur'an and sunna without add and subtract.
Allah says:

"He is a God who is no god (The right to be worshiped) but Him, the Divine King, the most prosperous, Yang gave the security, the All-Maintain, the Mighty, the Almighty, Who has all the majesty, the Divine God of what fellowship they do. "(QS.Al-Hasyr: 23).
And are in a hadith that the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam heard a man praying by saying::

"O Allah, I plead to you that you only praise, there is no God (worthy of worship) but Thee, Thou who gives gifts, who created the heavens and the earth, you who have the majesty and glory, the most conserved, which continues to manage His servant, "then the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said:" Do you know what he had prayed to God? "They said: Allah and His Messenger know best. Nabipun said: "By the One who was my soul in His hands, in fact he had prayed to God by name His majesty, which, if someone pray with those names will, He will grant, and if someone asks with that name, He will give him. "(narrated by Abu Dawood and Ahmad).
2. Believe that God himself who has named himself with those names, no one makhlukpun who gave the name of Him, He who praises himself with these names, and names were not muhdats (a new) and nor a creature.
3. Believe that the names of God's great is that most perfect meaning, no lack a bit for him, and shall we believe the content of the meaning of these names as we must believe in their own names.
4. Mandatory content glorifying the meaning of these names, without menyelewangkan or abolish.
5. Faithful to the laws which are contained by each of these names, as well as all the works and the impression that is born of those names.

To clarify the intent of the five points above, we make an example:
i. Faithful to the name As-Sami '(the most heard) as one of the names of God's great, because the name contained in the Quran and the sunna.
ii. Believe that God was calling himself by that name, and he who menuturkannya, and lowered it in his book.
iii. Believe that the name As-Sami '(the most heard) implies listening, which is one of his properties.
iv. Mandatory we glorify God's nature is "hearing", which was conceived by His name As-Sami ', without its meaning perverted, or abolish them.
v. Believe that Allah subhanahu wata'ala hear everything, and includes all forms of hearing voices, this means we must constantly feel under its supervision, to feel fear Him, and truly believe that nothing is hidden from Him.
Things that need to be considered in determining the attributes of God:
1. Assign all of His attributes contained in the Qur'an and sunna is intrinsically, without any fraud and Disclaimer meaning.
2. Definite conviction that God subhanahu wata'ala has the perfect qualities and the most sacred of the properties are less and reprehensible.
3. Does not equate God with nature nature of the creature, because and there is nothing that resembles God subhanahu wata'ala both in nature and His deeds. Allah says:

"There is nothing like Him and He is the Hearing, the view." (Obligatory upon Syuura: 11).
4. Full awareness that we will not probably know about kaifiyyat (how) the attributes of God, because no one knows about how the attributes of God except Him, and there is no way for creatures to find out.
5. Believe everything that becomes a consequence of the properties were either legal, or impressions that are born by the faithful with these properties. So every character contains Ubudiyyah (servitude to God).
To clarify these five points, we take as an example istiwa nature '(dwelling), shall be considered in the following set:
a. Define the nature of "Istiwa" (seated) and mengimaninya, because these properties are in Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. Allah says:

"(It is) God is mighty Rahman, (generous), which is seated on the Throne." (QS.Thaha: 5).
b. Specify the nature istiwa 'for God fully, with his decent. Its meaning: establishing bersemayamnya high above God and 'His throne is essential, according to His majesty and greatness.
c. Not equate the nature istiwa 'God above' Throne with istiwa'nya beings, because God does not need at all to the 'Throne, while his dwelling creatures need to require other properties. Allah says:

"Nothing is nothing similar to Him, and He is All-hearing, All-seeing." (Obligatory upon Syuura: 11).
d. Distance themselves from any discussion about how the nature of God bersemayamnya over the Throne, because it is unseen problems, no one knows except God.
e. Faithful to the law and the nature of content, namely by setting subhanahu wata'ala greatness of God, His glory and greatness, which is feasible with Him, in accordance with the high absolute God of all beings, and confronts his heart to the heights, as disclosed in prostration (سبحان ربي الأعلى) "All-holy God the Most High."

Third: The belief that GOD Almighty is the servant of God who haq, He is the one who is entitled to receive all the physical and spiritual worship, not for his allies.
Allah says:

"And verily We sent messengers to every people (proclaiming:" Worship Allah (alone) Evil-Evil and shun it. "(QS.An-Nahl: 36).
And none of the apostles except appeal to his people:
"Worship God! occasionally there is no god for you besides Him. "(QS.Al-A 'raf: 59).
And God also said:
"In fact they are not commanded except to worship Allah with obedience to Him, purifying by running straight religion." (QS.Al-Bayyina: 5).
In the authentic Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said to Muadz:
"Do you know what God's rights against the rights of His servants and servants of God?, Muadz said: Allah and His Messenger know best. Rasulullah said: Right on the creatures of God, they should worship Him and not associate him with is nothing, as for the rights of the servant of God that God does not mengadzab anyone who does not associate him with anything. "(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).
Ilah (God) which haq was he who became a place slaves dependent heart, filled with the love of His exceeding love to others, hope only to Him, and asked and begged for help only to Him, and there is no fear and worry to other than Him. Allah says:
"That is because Allah, He (God) who haq and indeed what they invoke besides Allah, that's a falsehood and verily Allah is He, Most High, Most Great." (-Hajj QS.Al: 62) .
And this is mentauhidkan servant of God with deeds.

Urgency tawhid:
1. Tawhid is the first and last, the spiritual and physical (core) of the Islamic religion and is the mission of each apostle.
2. Because of this unity of God creates a creature, and sent the apostles, and lowering the books. And because the unity of human well categorized into Muslim and infidels, happiness and woe.
3. Tawhid is the first duty of a servant, and was the first thing a person to enter into Islam, and the last human case was leaving the world.

Believe in ANGELS

1. Meaning of faith in Angel
Believe in angels means believing that God has angels. God made them from light, was created to always obedient to Him and never rebel against what God commanded them, always do all his commandments, continuous praise to God day and night, no one knows their number except God, and God's charge to them a variety of different tasks.
Allah says:
"But the real virtue is faith in God, days later, the angels." (QS.Al-Baqarah: 177).
In another verse Allah says:
"Apostles had faith in the Qur'an that have been handed down to him from his Lord, so did the people who believe, all believe in Allah, His Angels, His books us and His apostles." (Qur'an Al-Baqarah: 285).
And in the hadith Jibreel, when he came to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam asked about Iman, Islam and charity. Gabriel said: Tell me about faith! then the Prophet replied: "Do you believe in Allah, His angels, His scriptures, His Messengers, Day and taqdir believe in good and bad."

Position and believe in the angel of law.
Believe in angels is the second pillar of the six pillars of faith, faith unauthorized person without believing in angels.
The scholars agreed that the law is obliged to believe in angels, whoever denies the existence of them or part of them that have been mentioned (the names) by God, then he has disbelieved and opposed to the Qur'an, sunnah and consensus.
Allah says:
"Whoever disbelieved in Allah, His angels, His scriptures, His Messengers and the Last Day, surely that person has gone astray into far." (QS.An-Nisa ': 136).

2. How to believe in Angels
Believe in angels there are two ways, globally and faithful in detail, as for the believers in angels globally covers several areas, including:
First: Acknowledging the existence of angels, and that they are God's creatures. Created to worship Him, and their presence was essential. Our inability to see that does not mean they do not exist, because how many objects or small and delicate creatures in nature this Mayapada that we can not see, but it really exists. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam never saw the angel Gabriel twice in its original form, as well as some friends had seen some angels in human form.
Imam Ahmad narrated in his book "Musnad" from Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, he said: "The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam never saw Gabriel in its original form, he has six hundred wings, each wing cover the horizon." In the hadith narrated by Gabriel Muslimimam, that Gabriel came in the form of a man who was very white clothes and very black hair, do not look at her ex-traveler, and not one of friends who knew him.
Second: Putting them in accordance with the position that God set for them, where they are as His servants who are always ready to govern, they glorify God by lifting his position and brought them unto Him, and that among them there as a messenger for bring revelation and the other in accordance with the will of Almighty GOD.
Yet they are the servants of God who can not bring both benefits and harm to himself or others and not allowed the slightest worship for them, much less think they have the properties of the deity as the Christians beliefs against Holy Spirit (the angel Gabriel alaihis salam).
Allah says:
"And they say: God, Most Gracious has taken (having) children, the Divine God, actually (the angel) was a glorified servants. They did not precede Him in speech and they do His commandments. "(QS.Al-Anbiya ':26-27).
And Allah said:
"They do not disobey Allah in what He commanded them and they always do what they're told." (QS.At-Tahrim: 6).
Believe in angels in this global obligatory upon every Muslim and Muslimah. Compulsory for them to learn and believe in it, and there is no reason not to know.

As believers in angels in detail include the following:
1. Origin of their occurrence.
God created the angels from light, the creation of the jinn from fire and children and grandchildren Adam from clay, and God has created angels before creating Adam alaihis greetings. In a hadith mentioned:
((خلقت الملائكة من نور, وخلق الجان من مارج من نار, وخلق آدم مما وصف لكم))
"Angels are created from light, and jinn were created from fire and created the children of Adam from what has been described to you (ie land)." (Narrated by Muslim).
2. The number of angels
The angel is a creature that no one is able to calculate their number except God, because so much, there is no single place with a distance of four fingers in the sky unless there are angels who constantly kneel or stand, as Baitul prosperous in seventh heaven every day to enter seventy thousand angels, then they would not (be) re-entered again, because so much. On the Day of Resurrection will be sent to hell, for him seventy thousand reins, all the reins pulled by seventy thousand angels. Allah says:
"And nobody knows it but He Lord your soldiers." (QS.Al-Muddatsir: 31).
And in a hadith the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said:
((أطت السماء وحق أن تئط, ما فيها موضع قدم إلا وفيه ملك ساجد وراكع)),
 "The sky groans fatigue, and naturally she was moaning, no one place wide footprints in the sky but there is a angel who always prostration and bowing." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).
About Baitul prosperous Prophet alaihi wasallam said:
((يدخله في كل يوم سبعون ألف ملك لا يعودون إليه))
"Every day seventy thousand angels enter, they do not return (enter) again." (Narrated by Bukhari & Muslim).
In another hadith the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam said:
((يؤتى بجهنم يومئذ لها سبعون ألف زمام, مع كل زمام سبعون ألف ملك))
 "Hell will be shipped on that day, told him there were seven hundred thousand reins, reins along with each of seventy thousand angels (the pull)." (Narrated by Muslim).
So many of the angels, of the two propositions on the countless approximately four thousand, nine hundred million angels, how about that are not mentioned in number, most holy God who had created and set it and he who knows how many they are.
3. The names of the angels
A Muslim man obliged to believe with the names of angels, both mentioned by Allah in the Qur'an and the Prophet mentioned in sunahnya. And the most noble among them there are three angels:
a. Gabriel also called Gabriel, he is in charge of Holy Spirit revelation delivered (with the liver into life) to the messengers of God ..
b. Mikail Mikal also called, and served to reduce the rain (with earth to grow) in accordance with the commandments of God.
c. Israfil duty to blow the trumpet as a sign of the end of the early life of the world and the Hereafter. With which the bodies back to life.
4. The properties of the angels
Angels are real beings, have intrinsic physical, has good properties khalqiyah (body shape) or khuluqiyah (personality), among others:
a. The angel has a great body and physical. God created them in the form of a great and strong, according to the magnitude of the task that dipikulkan to them in the heavens and the earth.
b. Angels have wings. God created for them the wings, there are two, three, four, or more than that, as the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam had seen the angel Gabriel in its original form, has a wing to cover the horizon 600. Allah says:
"Praise be to Allah, the creator of heaven and earth, who made the angels as messengers (to take care of various affairs) who have wings, respectively (there is) two, three and four. God adds to His creation what He wills. "(Al-Fathir: 1).
c. Angels do not need the food and beverages. God created them do not need to eat and drink, so they neither marry nor are bred.
d. The angel has a mind and heart, they spoke with God and God spoke to them, as well as they speak with Prophet Adam alaihis greetings and other prophets.
e. The angel is able to change shape from its original appearance. GOD Almighty has given them the ability to change the form of a human male. This is a response to the opinion of pagan groups who believe that angels are daughters of God. And we do not know how they changed in form, and we are extremely difficult to distinguish them by humans when they are changed in form as a human.
f. The angel of death. On the Day of Resurrection all the angels will die, including the angel of death, then they are revived to perform the tasks that have been charged by God to each of them.
g. Worship of angels. The Angels do worship to God with a variety of worship, such as: prayer, prayer, prayer beads, bowing, prostration, fear God, love, and so forth.

The properties of worship of angels:
1. Continuous, and continuously without any break.
2. Sincere solely because GOD Almighty.
3. Always obey the commands of God and away from vices, because they are delivered from sin and sinners.
4. Tawadhu '(lower self) to God, accompanied by many acts of worship.
Allah says:
"They always glorify dead of night and day incessantly." (QS.Al-Anbiya ': 20).

5. Angel tasks
Carry out various tasks noble angels, GOD Almighty, which was charged to them, among them:
1. Assigned to bear the Throne.
2. Assigned to convey revelation to the apostles.
3. Responsible for maintaining the heaven and hell.
4. Charge of organizing the clouds, rain and vegetation.
5. Assigned to guard the mountain.
6. Assigned to blow the trumpet.
7. Served as a recorder of deeds of man.
8. Responsible for maintaining the human, if Allah wishes mentaqdirkan something for that person then the angel left him and that what is willed by GOD Almighty.
9. Assigned to accompany the human and mendo'akannya with kindness.
10. Responsible for maintaining the fetus, breathes life to humans, writes taqdir rezkinya, amalannya and fate wretched or happy.
11. Duty to take a life when the dead man.
12. Served as questioner in the grave.
13. There is a duty convey his greetings to the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam from the parishioners.
Therefore do not need to make pilgrimages to the tomb of the Prophet just to say hello, but enough to say shalawat and greetings to him from where she lives, because there are angels in charge of greeting to the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam, and intent are encouraged pilgrimages to the Nabawi mosque is to perform prayers in it.
And still more angelic duties other than those stated. Among the postulates which describe the tasks above as follows:
Allah says:
"(The angels) who bear the Throne and the angels around him celebrate the praises of their Lord and ask for forgiveness for those who believe." (QS.Ghafir: 7).
Allah says:
 "Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel, the Angel Gabriel was sent down the Qur'an to thy heart by Allah's leave." (QS.Al-Baqarah: 97).
And the word of God:
"What a terrible time if you look at people dzalim (are) under pressure sakaratul death, while the angels beat with his hands (saying): remove it life." (QS.Al-An 'am: 93).

6. The rights of the human angels
1. Faithful to them.
2. Love, glorify them, and mention their virtues.
3. Lawful berate or humiliate them.
4. Away from what they hate, because the angels feel any hurt from hurting humans.
Wisdom believe in angels:
1. As a proof of a person of faith, because faith unauthorized person without believing in angels.
2. We realize the greatness, the greatness and power of GOD Almighty, because greatness is the proof of the greatness of the creature creator.
3. By knowing the nature, circumstances and the duties of the angels will increase faith in the heart of a Muslim.
4. Will arise a sense of calm and secure in himself a believer, because God has set for each of them an angel who always accompany them.
5. Will add a sense of love for them, because they are perfectly melaksanaan worship, and they pray for forgiveness for the believers.
6. Arouse hatred against sinners deeds.
7. Led gratitude to the Almighty GOD, for his attention to his servants, the angels assigned to keep track of all human beings and their deeds and the welfare-benefit to others.