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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jesus - Submission to GOD


They plotted and
schemed, but so did God, and God is the best schemer. Thus, God said,
``O Jesus, I am putting you to death, and raising you to Me; I will
save you from the disbelievers.''  [Quran 3:54-55]

They claimed
that they killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger
of God! In fact, they never killed him; they never crucified him;
they were led to believe that they did.   [Quran 4:157]

Mercifully, God
has given our generation a living example of a person whose soul
departed this world, but his body continued to live for 19 months. On
November 25, 1984, doctors at the Humana Hospital of Louisville,
Kentucky removed the diseased heart of Mr. William Schroeder and
replaced it with a plastic and metal pump (THE NEW YORK TIMES,
Monday, November 26, 1984).

On the 19th day
after this historic operation - Thursday, December 13, 1984 - Mr.
Schroeder, the soul, the real person, departed this world. Mr.
Schroeder died. But his body continued to function with the
artificial heart implanted in his body. The world was told that he
"probably suffered a stroke" (THE NEW YORK TIMES, December
14, 1984). Significantly, only one day before Mr. Schroeder's
departure, he talked with President Ronald Reagan on national TV, and
demanded that the Social Security Administration send his overdue
check. He was perfectly alert. From the moment "he suffered a
stroke," he did not recognize the day or time, nor his family
members. In fact, Mr. Scroeder was no longer in this world.

The Gospels
state clearly that the arrested body of Jesus was oblivious to the
events surrounding it:

The chief
priests, meanwhile, brought many accusations against Jesus. Pilate
interrogated him again: "Surely you have some answer? See how
many accusations they are leveling against you." But greatly to
Pilate's surprise, Jesus made no further response. [ Mark
15:3-5 ]

Herod was
extremely pleased to see Jesus. From the reports about him he had
wanted for a long time to see him, and he was hoping to see him work
some miracles. He questioned Jesus at considerable length, but Jesus
made no response
. The chief priests and scribes were at hand to
accuse him vehemently. Herod and his guards then treated him with
contempt and insult. [ Luke 23:8-11 ]

The Savior said
to me, "He whom you saw on the tree, glad and laughing, this is
the living Jesus. But this one into whose hands and feet they drive
the nails is the fleshly part. [Apocalypse of Peter, VII, 3, 81] from
THE NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY (Harper & Row, 1977, James M. Robinson,
ed, Page 339).

The facts that
(1) Mr. Schroeder's soul departed on the 19th day after the
operation, and (2) his body survived for 19 months, are uncanny
reminders that God wanted the world to know the parallel between
Schroeder's situation, and the proven account of Jesus' departure
prior to the arrest, torture, and crucifixion of his soulless body.

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