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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Believe in Allah Scriptures

Believe with all the books revealed to the apostles is the third pillar of the six pillars of faith.God has sent His Messenger with the truth real, and He sent down with them the books as a mercy for His servants as well as instructions for them to attain happiness in life the world and the hereafter, and as a guide to life and judge between them in problem- problems which they differed.
Allah says:
"Verily, We sent Our Messengers with clear proofs and We sent down with them the Bible and the balance (justice) so that people can carry out justice." (QS.Al-Hadid: 25).
And His words:
"Humans are a single people, (after the dispute arises) God sent the prophet, as a giver of glad tidings and a warner, and God the book down with them properly to give a decision between people about things that they can not agree." (Sura . Al-Baqarah: 213).

1. Believe in the Book Itself
Means justify the faith in the book are absolutely that God has books revealed to His messengers and books is an essential word of Allah, he is a light and guidance, all it implies is the truth, honesty and fairness that must be followed and implemented. And no one knows the number except GOD Almighty.
Allah says:
"And God spoke to Moses directly." (QS.An-Nisa ': 164).
And His words:
"And if one of the idolaters seek protection to you, then protect him so that he could hear the word of God." (QS.At-Taubah: 6).

2. Believer in the law books
A Muslim man shall believe in whatever book that was revealed to the Messengers of Allah, that Allah has spoken with a real book, and the books are not the creature, he who denies that all or part of it is a kaafir.
Allah says:
"O those who believe, still believe in Allah and His Messenger and to which God sent down to His Messenger and the Book that God sent down earlier. Whoever disbelieved in Allah, His angels, His scriptures, His Messengers and the Last Day, surely that person has gone astray into far. "(QS.An-Nisa ': 136).
And in another verse:
"And the Qur'an is a Book which We send down blessed, so follow it and bertaqwalah that ye may receive mercy." (QS.Al-An 'am: 155).
Third. Human needs to the books and Wisdom diturunkanya:
1. Among the books of wisdom is lowered as a guide for mankind in the know his religion.
2. Lowered the books are as fair judges in all disputed issues of human.
3. Sent down the Qur'an is to maintain the purity of the religion ofIslam after the death of Prophet alaihi wasallam.
4. Lowered the books are as hujjah GOD Almighty for His creatures (on the Day of Judgement), there is no reason for people to dodge at the sight of God when they judged that will not come to their instructions.
Allah says:
"Humans are a people who for one (after the dispute arises) God sent the prophets as a giver of glad tidings and a warner, and Allah sends down with their books with care, to inform decisions about the case among humans that they can not agree." (QS.Al -Baqarah: 213).

4. How to believe in the scriptures
Faithful to the books there are two ways: global and detailed.
As believers globally, namely: faith that God has lowered subhanahu wata'ala books to His messengers.
The detail that is faithful to the books whose names have been mentioned God in the Qur'an such as the Torah, Gospels, Psalms, Suhuf Abraham and Moses, and believe that God has other book which was revealed to the prophets, not anyone know the names and number of these books except God.
And the books were reduced to realize the unity, with subhanahu wata'ala mengesakan God in worship, realizing a pious deeds, matters prevented from shirk and do mischief on earth. So in essence da'wa mission of the apostles is one, though different in some details of the Shari'a and the law.
Faithful to the books is to acknowledge the decline to the apostles the former, while faithful to the Qur'an means acknowledging and confirming and following pregnancy. Allah says:
"Apostles had faith in the Qur'an that revealed to him from his Lord, so too those who believe.All believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His apostles. "(QS.Al-Baqarah: 285).
In another verse Allah says:
"Follow what is revealed unto thee from thy Lord, and do not follow leaders besides Him." (QS.Al-A 'raf: 3).
Features of the Qur'an from previous books:

1. All lafadz and its meaning and essence of nature and science they contain is a miracle.

2. The Qur'an is the last book of samawiyah, closed her previous books, as the Prophet alaihi wasallam is the cover for the preceding prophets.

3. Allah has guaranteed the purity of the Qur'an, with a guard of corruption and change, unlike the previous books, there have been many abuses and changes in it.

4. Al-Quran is as a justification for previous books.

5. Al-Qur'an menasakh (delete) all the previous books.

Allah says:

"Al-Qur'an is not a made-up story but a confirmation (of books) that earlier and explains all things and as guidance and mercy for folk who believe." (QS.Yusuf: 111).
5. Receive news earlier books

We believe that all news has been revealed by God to the apostles contained in previous books is something that haq not doubt its truth. But that does not mean we should accept all content of the book is in the hands of scribes in contemporary times, because the contents of the books are already much changed and distorted, so the original no longer appropriate, as God has revealed to the Messengers His first.

Among the contents of the previous books which we know with certainty, what God has been preached in the Qur'an, such as: a person will not bear the sins of others, that people will not get any except what he had earned, and he will perfectly received a reply from his efforts.

Allah says:

"Or have not preached to him what was in Moses sheets, and sheets are always improvements to the promise of Abraham, namely that a sinner will not bear the sins of others, and that most people do not obtain an addition to what has been earned, and that his efforts will be shown (to him), then will be paid to him with the perfect reply. "(QS.An-Najm :36-41).

And between what is contained in the word of God:

"But you (unbelievers) chose the worldly life, while the Hereafter is better and more enduring, in fact this is really contained in the books of the past, (namely) the books of Abraham and Moses." (Qur'an Al-A'la: 16:19).

As for our attitude to the laws of the previous books are: What is contained in the Qur'an is mandatory for us to accept and worship him, as for what is in previous books we see first, if contrary to the Shari'a us, then no should be carried out, it does not mean he falsehood, but it haq and only applies in his day, and has dinasakh (deleted) with our Shari'a. If in accordance with our Shari'a, meaning it is true, and we have proved the Shari'a would be legitimate.

6. The books are divine which in the Qur'an and the sunna.

1. Al-Qur'an Al-Karim

Al-Quran is the word of (the word) Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam Seal of the prophets and apostles. The Qur'an is the last divine book revealed. GOD Almighty has guaranteed to protect them from corruption and change, and God make it as nasikh (erasers) for the previous books.

Allah says:

"Verily, We're the one who lowered the Qur'an and We really maintain it." (QS.Al-Hijr: 9).

And the word of God:

"And We have sent down to the Qur'an with the truth, confirming what was before, namely the books (which is derived before) and the touchstone against which other books, then decide their case according to what Allah cuts. "(QS.Al-anymore: 48).

2. Torah

Torah is a book that Allah revealed to the prophet Moses alaihis greetings. God made the guidance and light, which is a source of law for the prophets of Bani Israel and their clerics.

And the Torah that we shall believe in him is the law that God sent down to Moses alaihis greeting, not the Torah that has been distorted that existed at the scribes of today.

Allah says:

"Verily We have sent down the law in which there is guidance and light (which illuminates), it was decided that the book of Jewish matters by the prophets who surrendered to God, by their pious people and their pastors, because they were instructed to maintain the books of God. "(QS.Al-anymore: 44).

2. Gospel

The Gospel is the book of Allah revealed to prophet Jesus alaihis greeting that brings the truth, and confirmed previous samawiyah books.

And the Gospel that we shall believe in him is the original Gospel of God revealed directly to the prophet Jesus, not the Gospels that have been siphoned off that existed at the current scribes.

Allah says:

"And We iringkan their tracks (the prophets of Bani Israel) with Jesus son of Mary, confirming the earlier book, namely: the Torah, and We gave him the book of the Gospel, was in it (any) guidance and light (which illuminates), and justify an earlier book, namely the law, and a guidance and instruction for people who are pious. "(QS.Al-anymore: 46).

And among the contents of the Torah and the Gospel is the good news of the arrival and the apostolate of Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wasallam, as contained in the word of God subhanahu wata'ala:

"Among those who follow the apostle prophet ummi that (name) they were found written in the Torah and the Gospel in their side, who told them to do that ma'ruf and banned from working on an unjust and justified for them every good and forbidden to them all that bad and throw away from their burdens and the fetters on them. "(QS.Al-A 'raf: 157).

4. Psalms

The Book of Psalms revealed to Prophet Dawud alaihis greetings, and which we shall Pious is a book of Psalms that God sent down to Prophet David, not an already distorted by the Jews.

Allah says:

"And to David We gave the Psalms." (An-Nisa ': 163).

5. Suhuf (sheets) of Abraham and Moses.

Namely Suhuf (lembarang-sheets) that God revealed to the prophet Abraham and Moses, but Suhuf has been lost and is not known at all of its content except what is in the Quran and the sunna, as God hath
"Or is not given to what is in the sheets sheets of Moses and Abraham are always improvements to the promise? ie a sinner is that it would not bear the sins of others, and that a human being not get besides what has been earned, and that his efforts would later be disclosed (to him), then would be paid to him with the perfect reply. "(Qur'an An-Najm :36-41).

And in another verse Allah says:

"Hereafter is better and more enduring, this actually really there in the first sheets of suhuf Abraham and Moses." (QS.Al-A 'la :17-19).

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