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Friday, April 15, 2011

Written by Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

Written by Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

The things Muslim should do. We as Muslim should give our first priority to learn quran and do quran reading to seek the right path of Islam and through the quran teaching we can achieve the goal of our life and the deputy to guiding our kids to learn Koran that we should fulfill with perfecting kids quran recitation power and knowledge in Islam and also motivate our children’s to do quran memorization and then guide them to learn holy Quran tafseer  so they could understand the quran in Arabic and the quranic translation and also let or kids to listen quran from top quran reciters to get them inspired. at last I would pray for all my Muslim brothers and sisters that may Allah accept there Dwas and prayers and inspire you with the teachings of our holy prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) so let us join hands and spread the knowledge that every Muslim is born to spread the knowledge of Islam now a day many online quran tutor are available for kids and elders to learn tajweed quran and with exact pronunciation and perfect the quran recitation online with qualified teaching staff  who can guide then with there experience and knowledge and the write teachings to help us in achieving the path of Jannah

Openly proclaim what Allah commanded, and don’t fear the worthless instead of Allah * And fear only Him, and you will succeed in safety;

And give victory to the Book of Allah and the traditions * That came from the one sent with the Qur’an;

And strike every denier with the sword of Revelation * Just like the Mujahid would strike over the fingertips;

And carry on with truthful zeal * The way of the sincere and brave who are dedicated to Allah;

And remain firm with patience under the banner of guidance * And if you are harmed in the process, it is for the Pleasure of the Merciful;

And make the Book of Allah and authentic traditions your weapons * And strengthen your soul;

Who will fight and present himself * Or compete on the fields?

Openly preach what the Messenger came with * And do not fear the lack of helpers;

As Allah will give victory to His Religion and Book * And Allah is sufficient to protect His slave;

And do not fear the plots of the enemy * As they only fight using lies and falsehood;

The soldiers of the Messenger’s followers are Angels * And their soldiers are the army of Satan;

What a difference there is between the two groups * Whoever is confused should just compare them both;

Be firm and fight under the banner of guidance * And be patient, as the victory of Allah, your Lord, is near;

As Allah will give victory to His Religion and Book * And His Messenger with knowledge and authority;

And truth is a pillar that none can demolish * Even if everyone gathered to do so;

And if your opponents become many and overwhelm you * Stay firm, as their power is like smoke;

It rises up and afterwards * Is blown away to where the eye cannot see;

Do not fear their large numbers, as they are worthless and like flies * Would you fear a fly?

And do not be pleased with the leadership of the cow * Whose leaders are themselves oxen;

And if they intend, they will come against you * So, do not act shocked or cowardly if they do so;

And remain firm and do not carry on without support* As this is not praiseworthy with the brave;

Even though the group of Allah fights with their righteous actions * Not a battalion of the brave;

By Allah, they did not conquer lands due to their numbers * Their numbers were not noticeable;

So, if you see the group of Islam * With its cavalry side by side with those in authority;

In such a case, enter their ranks * And do not be lazy or fluttered;

The truth will be aided and tested * So, do not be surprised, as this is the pattern of the Merciful;

This is how His group will be distinguished from His enemies * And this is why the people are two groups;

And this is why the Messengers fought the disbelievers * Since this rag-tag group first existed;

However, the good end will be for the people of truth * If it doesn’t come here, it will come later from the Rewarder

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