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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Three Matters That Make Ghusl Waajib

Three Matters That Make Ghusl Waajib


A man had sexual relations with his wife, however he did not ejaculate, and he prayed (in that state) for a period of one week; and after that, one of the youth said to him, “It is upon you to make Ghusl and to repeat the Prayer.”

So is this obligatory upon him or not?



Firstly, it is obligatory that we know that the Ghusl is waajib upon us by one of three matters:


1) Either by ejaculation, even (if this happened) without sexual relations.

2) Or, by (having) sexual relations, even (if this happens) without ejaculating.

3) Or, by having sexual relations and ejaculating.

It is upon this individual to repeat his prayers that he prayed before he made the ghusl, because he has with him, in reality, something by way of neglect. And it is obligatory upon him to ask the people of knowledge, and to repeat all of these prayers, meaning, he does not pray each prayer along with its equivalent, rather; he prayers them all together.


Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen

Liqaa-aat-ul-Baab-il-Maftooh. Vol 1. Question no.522

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