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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Children Who Do Not Pray

Children Who Do Not Pray


What is incumbent upon the family regarding children who have abandoned prayer?




If they have children who do not pray, then it is incumbent upon them to compel them to pray, either by speaking to them and ordering them, or by beating them, according to the words of the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi-wasallam)

''And beat them if they do not do it by the age of ten .'' [1]

If beating does not benefit them, then their case must be referred to the responsible authorities in the government, may Allah grant them success, in order to force them to do it, and it is not lawful to remain silent regarding them. Because doing so entails endorsing sin, since abandoning prayer is kufr which removes the perpetrator from the fold of Islam, so the one who abandons the prayer is a disbeliever who will dwell eternally in the Fire. If he died thus, it is not permissible to wash his body, nor to pray over him, nor to bury him in the graveyards of the muslims. We ask Allah to save us from that.



[1] Reported by Imam Ahmed 2:187 , by Abu Dawud in the Book of Prayer, in the chapter: When Should a Boy be Ordered to Pray? 9495,496) and this hadith is in the book sahih Al-Jami’ (5868)

Now days we as Muslims have to spread the voice to learn quran and so we could gain the true knowledge and the quran teaching that is give to us by our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and do quran reading. Do we as Muslim ask our self that why we are at the peak of destruction? The answer will be simple that we have left our roots the holy quran we should guide promote Islam from in our homes first and let learn our kids quran  and encourage them in doing quran memorization this should be our first goal for it we can do different stuff like let then participate in different online quran recitation competition to let them listen to quran from different online quran reciters and along with it we elders should learn quran also and improve our knowledge of quran and Islam and learn holy quran tafseer because to understand and learn quran Arabic and for this now a days there are many online quran tutor available who teach tajweed quran and its translation and tafseer so let us join our hands to be the voice of Islam and let improve the image of it as well and full fill our deputy

Shaykh Muhammad bin Saalih al-`Uthaymeen

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