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Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful story about justice and forgiveness

Beautiful story about justice and forgiveness

The things Muslim should do. We as Muslim should give our first priority to learn quran and do quran reading to seek the right path of Islam and through the quran teaching we can achieve the goal of our life and the deputy to guiding our kids to learn Koran that we should fulfill with perfecting kids quran recitation power and knowledge in Islam and also motivate our children’s to do quran memorization and then guide them to learn holy Quran tafseer  so they could understand the quran in Arabic and the quranic translation and also let or kids to listen quran from top quran reciters to get them inspired. at last I would pray for all my Muslim brothers and sisters that may Allah accept there Dwas and prayers and inspire you with the teachings of our holy prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) so let us join hands and spread the knowledge that every Muslim is born to spread the knowledge of Islam now a day many online quran tutor are available for kids and elders to learn tajweed quran and with exact pronunciation and perfect the quran recitation online with qualified teaching staff  who can guide then with there experience and knowledge and the write teachings to help us in achieving the path of Jannah

arir b. ‘Abdullah al-Bajali reported that in a battle there was a man with Abu Musa al-Ash’ari who was very brave and damaging against the enemies. After the battle they collected the booty. Abu Musa granted the man only a portion of the booty he deserved and not all. The man refused to accept anything less than what he deserved. As a result, Abu Musa gave him ten lashes and shaved off his head. The man collected his hair and went off to ‘Umar as he was sitting in his gathering. He struck ‘Umar’s chest with his hair and said, ‘I swear by Allah! If it wasn’t for the fire of Hell, I would have dealt with your deputy myself!’ He then related to him what Abu Musa did to him.

‘Umar then wrote to Abu Musa saying, ‘To proceed; So-and-so has related to me such-and-such. If you did this to him in public, then I swear you must also sit in public view so the man could exact revenge. If you did this to him in private then you may sit privately.’

The man took the letter to Abu Musa. The people said, ‘Forgive him.’

‘By Allah, I will not leave him for anyone!’ said the man.

When Abu Musa sat down for him to exact revenge, the man looked up at the sky and said, ‘O Allah, I have forgiven him

Sirat ‘Umar b. al-Khattab by al-Baltaji 97-98.

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