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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop Disrespecting the Prophet (pbuh), O We Muslims

Stop Disrespecting the Prophet (pbuh), O We Muslims

By Asma bint Shameem

So… they printed cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in their newspapers and depicted him in the most abominable, most repulsive way.
Then there was the Facebook issue and we all became angry on how dare they draw our Prophet.

How that hurt you!
It ached and offended you!
And how that made your blood boil!
How DARE anyone say ANYTHING against our beloved, beloved Prophet (pbuh)!!!

But, Yaa Muslim, have you ever thought that the biggest disrespect to the Prophet (pbuh) comes from the Muslims themselves??
Yes, thats right! The Muslims themselves!

Surely, you know and believe that he (pbuh), is the loftiest of examples, the most noble and the greatest, the BEST of Allaahs creation.

Verily he is, by unanimous agreement the Greatest Exemplar.
And the obligation due to him is the greatest after that of Allah;
And the adab to him is the most emphasized of the adab and obediences.

Yet you dare to disrespect him!
You disrespect him left and right, day in and day out and you dont even realize it.
Sure, you claim to love him and respect him, but I ask you…..

Is it love when you disobey him and disregard his teachings?
Is it respect when you refuse to mold your life according to how he taught you?
Is it love or respect when you add and invent new things in his religion? Even though what he was sent with is perfect and complete and doesnt need additions or deletions!

Do you know what the Prophet (pbuh) said??
“Whoever does a deed that is not in accordance with this matter (religion) of ours will have it rejected.” (Muslim).

Do you think it is LOVE when you celebrate one day as his birthday, yet you do not follow his orders for the rest of the year??

You run around without Hijaab…

You conveniently ignore his instructions about earning a Halaal living….

You deal in RIBAA saying it is part of this society….

The Masaajid are empty…..the Quran is abandoned….the Sunnah is discarded!

What kind of love is this?

What strange way of respect is this?
When you dont obey the very person you claim to love?!!!

Why do you refuse, oh Muslim???

Dont you want to enter Jannah ?
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “All of my ummah will enter Paradise except those who refuse.”
They said: “O Messenger of Allaah, who would refuse?”
He said: “Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise and whoever disobeys me has refused.” (Bukhaari)

Celebrating his birthday is NOT the way to prove your love!
Holding Khatams of Salaams does NOT show your respect!
Burning down flags, embassies or other acts of violence do NOT establish his Sunnah!

Anyone can claim to love the Prophet (pbuh)….
Singing emotional Nasheeds and giving big talks without following through with actions is just pure LIP SERVICE!

Just because you claim to love him doesnt mean anything in the sight of Allaah if it is not proven by your deeds.

PROVE you love, oh Muslim, by OBEYING HIM.

As we stand in prayer according to the way he prayed, we must also follow him in every walk of our life.
We must incorporate the Sunnah in everything we do, think, practice, believe.

Come back to this perfect religion;
Come back to the perfect way of life….HIS way of life.
Give up all that HE forbade you….
Practice all that HE taught you…..

Worship Allaah the way HE instructed you.
Learn the Deen and ASK if you dont know.

THAT is how you prove your LOVE for him
THAT is how you show RESPECT to him.

And then, and only then, oh Muslim, will you be worthy of claiming your love for him, be worthy of his Shafaah on the day of Judgment and be worthy of his companionship in al-Firdous al-Aala.

May Allaah grant us the Taufeeq to follow his Sunnah and implement his teachings in our lives.

And may Allaah grant us TRUE love for Him and His Messenger (pbuh). Ameen

“He who obeys the Messenger (Muhammad), has indeed obeyed Allaah, but he who turns away, then we have not sent you (O Muhammad) as a watcher over them” [al-Nisa 4:80]

“And whosoever disobeys Allaah and His Messenger (Muhammad), and transgresses His limits, He will cast him into the Fire, to abide therein; and he shall have a disgraceful torment” [al-Nisa 4:14]

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “None of you truly believes until I am more beloved to him that his father, his child and all the people.”(Bukhaari, Muslim)

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